Who is sadder?

Posted: November 26, 2007 in Theology

I was thinking a couple days ago (sort of praying too) and I had a thought about God. It probably isn’t unique or completely remarkable because there are a lot of really smart people thinking and writing about God.

My thoughts were all very morbid and depressing, but I was in a weird and reflective mood. For some reason I started thinking about all of the parents around the world who have such awful and tearful experiences with their kids deaths, sicknesses, or deformities. I was thinking about husbands who lost their wives to cancer and fiances who saw their future spouse taken away from them. I was thinking about people starving because of some evil dictator determining that he wants to use food as a bargaining piece.

When I thought about how awful it would be to have any of these thing happen to me and how awful those people who have had those experiences feel, I had a revelation of sorts…

My thought was that God is sadder. I am not saying He cried or yelled their name in anguish, but that He cares more about the bad stuff that happens to us then we do.  It’s why I believe He provided a hedge of protection for Job, why He allowed His Son Jesus to be killed to save us, and why He allowed Jesus to become human.  If it had not been for those things, I would believe He would only observe and wouldn’t really empathize with us.

The reality that God cares deeply is an assurance that He wants it to work out and that He truly has our best interest in mind.  I feel better knowing that it isn’t by chance that I have a great wife, son, and job (I certainly don’t deserve any of it).  I hope you will feel inspired by my conclusion.

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