Posted: November 28, 2007 in College Football, Random

Being a college football fan I immediately go to that sport as my bread and butter illustration bank. I read this morning about two football players seeking a transfer from their current university to get more playing time. The school granted them permission to transfer and they will probably being the process of finding a new place to play immediately.

You may have heard this before, but every college football player must sit out a year (or lose a year of eligibility) in order to transfer to their new team. The NCAA has deemed it necessary to penalizes the players for wanting a little satisfaction. My question is why is it only true for players and not coaches?

Huston Nutt just resigned at Arkansas and a couple days later he was hired at Ole Miss. He didn’t have to sit out a year or go think about what he had done. He just collected his money from Arkansas and got ready to rake in the dough at Ole Miss.

My point is that most of our systems are broken and only have a select few people’s interest in mind. People who are in too much debt can get out of bills by filing for bankruptcy. Someone who doesn’t like their wive divorces them at their leisure. Someone who doesn’t like their job…quits. You can think of more examples, but the point is we are a culture that doesn’t reward commitment.

Pastors of churches average stay is 2.5 years. The average CEO is only in charge 5 years. The average tenure of all professions is 6.6 years.

I think it is sad and unfortunate that so many people (specifically college athletes) are penalized for changing their mind and that everyone else in society has a free pass. I will still be working on my Civil Engineering degree if changing your major was illegal 🙂 . As a practical step I suggest we count the cost and fulfill our obligations more often then not. Very few situations in life are truly hopeless.


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