Doesn’t Solve Everything…

Posted: December 10, 2007 in Random, Theology

As Christians, especially older ones, we make the assumption that Jesus is the answer for everything.  What do you do with an alcoholic, tell them about Jesus.  How do you raise good kids, Jesus.  If you want someone to treat you better, punch them in the face, and then tell them about Jesus.

My problem isn’t with Jesus, it’s with thinking that He solves every issue.  Just because someone makes a decision to follow Christ doesn’t mean that they are no longer mean, selfish, or an alcoholic.  I certainly believe that when someone accepts Christ that they are a new creation.  However, this doesn’t mean that this new creation is a flawless one it means its a one whose sin has wiped away.

All of us have met someone that claims to be a Christian yet they had some serious flaws they need major help with.  The more I experience this the more angry I get when someone wants to take the easy way out and just get them “really” saved.

What most of these people need is to deal with their past, the character flaws, and hear people tell them the truth.  I would love to tell some of these people I know exactly what I think of them and tell them what they should start doing immediately.  Maybe it’s the non-counselor in me, but I don’t want to see families suffer anymore from unbridled fury, entitlement, and unresolved ______ (fill in the blank).

To be continued…


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