Staff Evaluations

Posted: December 14, 2007 in Church Leadership

One of the most exhausting things that you do as a leader is evaluate your staff. I finished the majority of these evaluations yesterday afternoon (I have one more Thursday) and felt like I just finished a marathon. It’s amazing how much more exhausted I am when I meet and talk all day long. I was a landscaper for 7 years and I never felt as exhausted as I after a day of thinking at Oak Leaf Church.

The process itself is pretty easy and simple. I pray with the staff member, ask them to sign the confidentiality agreement, fill out the housing allowance (if applicable) and then we go through the evaluation. They fill it out, print it, and then give it to me (48 hrs in advance). I fill it out, copy it, and we each have a copy to read through and discuss. After that we sign it and file it. Next is the Employee Handbook, we just hit the highlights. Again its signed and filed. Last part is expectations and money. Its encompassed in the staff member’s salary package document. It has their position description, the staff values, their salary description. Most of the time this isn’t a long conversations here.  However ,if a raise is involved we explain the number.  If not, we explain why not…nobody cried, YES!

Although exhausting, what I feel is the most refreshing about these meetings is they really are enlightening. We almost force the employees to be transparent and say exactly what they are thinking. Unresolved conflicts and tension can kill the rapport supervisors have with their staff and vice versa.

If your are interested in seeing what these documents look like click on the following links…

Housing Allowance

Employee Handbook

Confidentiality Agreement

Staff Salary Package


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