Posted: December 16, 2007 in Church Leadership

This morning we did something a little unconventional in our church. It shouldn’t shock anyone that reads about our church, but nonetheless it was out there even for us. When we originally thought up this idea this summer, we truly thought we had stumbled on a novel and original idea. Little did we know it had been done before or that there were some churches that were going to do it this fall.

We proceeded anyway this Sunday to give back an entire week’s offering to the church. We took our average 2007 offering and divided it up into various denominations to give out to 650 individuals (kids got it too). We broke it down into envelopes with either $10, $100, $250, or $500 increments and let our ushers pass it out.

The experience was quite memorable from holding onto $8300 cash, to stuffing the envelopes, to telling our church what was about to happen. I believe that our heart was truly in the right place in doing this “re-gift” during our re-gift series. It’s purpose wasn’t shock and awe, but rather to create a experience that would make people take our admonition to serve and touch their community seriously.

We are still waiting on the stories to come in, but if you can’t wait check


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