Top Giver/Thank You Feedback

Posted: December 19, 2007 in Church Leadership

I like dialogging on my posts.  I don’t take the silent approach about responding to my critics, because I, like everyone else, can learn from them.

One of the critiques of my post regarding thanking our “biggest” givers was that it left out those that make an equal sacrifice.  This is a legitimate point, but so is the fact that lineman usually don’t get many awards.  They are just as linked to the successes of the quarterback or running back, but they don’t get near the recognition or money.  This is one of the principal reasons why I disagree with thanking our “biggest” givers.

Here are some other reasons:

1. Our point in doing this is to say thank you.

2. I can’t tell everyone thank you and so we picked a group of people to thank.

3. I can almost guarantee that the people who are the bottom 25 givers aren’t giving 10% or sacrificing equally or any of the other “Widow’s Mite” principals. This is because the average gift that a Christian tithes is 2% and only 3% of Christians actually tithe (give 10% of their income before taxes).

4. Doing something that rewards and encourages people who are giving, above average amounts, is a good thing and since I don’t have any W-2’s is the best we can do with the information at hand.

5. If someone reads more into it or gets offended, it only causes them to miss the point or heart behind these actions.

6. Those that give more aren’t necessarily making less of a sacrifice. I know for a fact that our second biggest giver gives more 10% (I know what he does for a living and what they make) and he is only a couple hundred dollars behind our biggest giver (a millionaire).

7. It’s important to remember that a church is a business. It’s stinks to look at it like that, but you have to motivate, remind, and fuss over people. Sure the Bible says do stuff for the reward in Heaven, but we aren’t taking away their rewards by saying thanks ahead of time.

8. I could be completely wrong, but it seems like the right thing to do and hope people appreciate the effort.


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