Posted: December 22, 2007 in Random

I don’t know if sharing the story of how I lost my IPod is worth sharing, so I’ll give the “guy” version.  This past summer I went on a cruise with my wife and our Pastor.  It was a good time and really helped us relax and get ready for a tough fall at the Leaf.  When we boarded the boat, I had my hands full, so I stuffed a number of things into our bag.  For whatever reason one of the Carnival Cruise Line employees decided to pilfer through my bag and found my IPod.  They didn’t take the data cable or the head phones, but the IPod was long gone when it made it to my room.

I blasted them over the phone and in person on the ship, but all they would do was give me $50 and  $100 of on-board credit on my next cruise.

Today, I finally got another IPod.  I feel like I just made it back to the 21st century.  The IPod I used to own doesn’t even exist anymore (30 Gig version) and the only thing like it (80 Gig) is now called classic.  My how times have changed…in 6 months.

Tomorrow will be fun, jamming to all my favorite tunes.  Yahoo!!


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