Posted: December 24, 2007 in Church Leadership

Usually, you get a vision of what you want to see happen when you are thinking about the possibilities or wondering if God is wanting to get you to do something crazy. Sometimes it helps you move forward and sometimes it scares you to death and causes you to freeze in your tracks.
Last night at our Rockin’ Christmas Eve-eve service I had one of those visions. The one that scares you and makes you know what you need to do, but shows you that your aren’t ready quite yet.  The PAC was absolutely packed!!  There are 970 seats in the room and we put out at least 70 extra chairs.  Between kids on laps, extra chairs, and a few empty seats we definitely had over 1000 people in attendance.

We realize that some of those people came from other churches, some don’t go to church anywhere, and some of those people where our own, but we should pack the PAC like that every week.  Whether its arrogance, stupidity, or reality I believe we have the best service, ministry, church, and teaching in town (if I didn’t why would I work here?!).  This always makes me wonder why every seat in the PAC isn’t filled, because I can’t believe that anyone would be at home in their bed or living room when they could be with us on a Sunday morning.

I am not talking about stealing “sheep,” but I feel like our church needs to catch the vision of seeing the PAC filled on Sunday mornings in 2008.  Maybe not in January or February, but at some point we should be reaching well over 1000 adults and a couple hundred kids every weekend.

Oak Leaf Church rocks!!

  1. J says:

    Just when I thought you guys couldn’t raise the “bar” to another level……….. ………………………………….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After seeing all the out of the box thinking since I started coming , I now have a goal. In 2008, I plan on inviting 2008 people to my Oakleaf church. This is my Vision.

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