When to Cheat Part I

Posted: January 5, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

I hear that you are suppose to leave your work at work.  Probably right if you are a police officer, a doctor, or a garbageman.  You can’t have confiscated drugs, a spleen, or some old Pepsi cans at your house…you wife will get ticked.  What I really mean is that you aren’t suppose to think about work at home, you aren’t suppose to check e-mails, or even make work-related phone calls.  If you can’t put down the computer, cell phone, and turn off the motor in your head you won’t pay attention to your family.

This is all good advice as many families that have Pastor’s at the helm are a mess.  Marriages that aren’t very strong and kids that run wild are pretty typical.  I am not trying to be argumentative here, but I must play the devil’s advocate for a moment.

I get fired up talking church planting, church leadership, planning for the future and or helping staff stay strong.  I also make plenty of time for my wife and little boy.  They are precious to me and they get plenty of undivided attention.  My perspective on leaving work at work or leaving at 5 PM sharp, or trying not to do anything on your day off theories is that it allows people to cheat work with what sounds like a great excuse.

Sure if you are a teacher and you are teaching Chemistry, don’t be messing with dry ice at the dinner table.  Someone could lose a limb and it will cause you to disengage from your little girl who wants you to look at her doll.  But, if you don’t have time for people, ideas, and planning that come up on a regular basis you probably will allow a lot of things to go unfinished or linger.

To Be Continued…


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