Guns and Hunting Shows

Posted: January 11, 2008 in Random

I was watching an old movie, Red Dawn, this morning and I had a few thoughts about guns and hunting…

  • Guns aren’t really good for anything other then killing. Sure you can’t shoot cans and targets, but Duck Hunt is pretty cool.
  • I realize that this isn’t a novel thought, but there are so many different types and different looks that you wonder if anyone else gets it.
  • Having a gun collection isn’t the same as a shoe collection, car collection, or great music collection. That stuff will get used regularly.
  • All of the hunting shows end with an animal dying. If movies were like that nobody would watch.
  • At the end of the show the “hunter” goes up to the animal and say a bunch of dumb stuff about how the animal is so beautiful. They say it’s a magnificent creature or that it was great shot to the other guy.
  • I don’t understand why they don’t just save their money and go to the zoo…although place is pretty inhumane too. I doubt there are too many lions standing in line to get into a cage at the zoo.
  • If they don’t like the prices at the zoo then rent a movie about Louis and Clark and listen to their hunting stories.
  1. Guns are definitely good for things other than killng. Shooting targets can be an absolute blast. My brother, for example, has guns that he’s never used to kill anything, but he shoots them all the time, safely, for fun.

    If you USE your gun collection (see above paragraph), then it’s not much different than the other things you mentioned.

    Well, yes… that is the point of hunting. To take an animal (or animals). If hunting shows ended with nothing dying and the hunters falling in love and living happily ever after, nobody would watch those either.

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with admiring the animal you shot. I do it. I love to duck hunt. Some ducks out there are just really magnificent. They’re not just magnificent if you shoot it though. I love to go out and just watch ducks when they aren’t in season.

    Going hunting and going to the zoo are completely different. Is it safe to assume you’ve never been hunting?

    I’ve got no problem if you or someone else doesn’t like to hunt. That’s totally cool. I don’t post hunting pictures on my blog because I know some people out there don’t want to see those, so I understand if it’s not for you. But I’ve got a problem when someone tells me it’s wrong.

    God himself commanded Peter to “rise, kill and eat” (Acts 10:13).

  2. agratto says:

    I actually love to go hunting and fishing. I go bird hunting almost every Thanksgiving. I would prefer shooting skeet, because I hate cleaning birds. I used to go deer hunting every fall in New York (big deer there), but it too expensive to travel there now.

    I am just looking at it from the perspective that my wife, city-slickers, and other people who think its inhumane might take.

    It looks very silly if you think about it for a bunch of guys to track down a deer only to gawk at it as it lies dead on the ground.

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