What if?

Posted: January 11, 2008 in Church Leadership

What would the landscape look like if there where no churches?  I don’t mean no Christians meeting together, but no church building.  What if pastors, elders, deacons, and the bishops of churches decided that the mission wasn’t to be big enough or have enough money to build a building?  Instead they decided to build schools, office complexes, movie theaters, art galleries, amphitheaters, boys and girls clubs, and community centers.

I don’t have anything against church buildings or dislike crosses dotting the landscape, but it just seems like a waste of money.  Why do Christians spend millions of dollars to build these monstrosities that are only used on Sunday mornings?  What if seminaries taught their students to change their communities by investing in the community?  What would Cartersville look like?  How great would be the schools be if the Pastor skipped million of dollar building campaigns and instead spent the money building a great High School cafeteria or Fine Arts center?

Maybe I am thinking way too outside the box, but if Oak Leaf builds a building I am voting for a the best schoourch or movie chureater ever.

  1. chuck says:


    There was a group of people who were doing this back in the 70’s and 80’s. There is a lot of information on Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford, and a few others who were pushing that movement.

    A few months ago, I met with a guy in the middle of that and heard a few of his stories.

    So looking into what happened there might be a good place to see what all went down, what all went wrong, wisdom, and some ways to do it better (I think God kind of let their efforts die down- similar to Phil from BigIdea… i think).

    But I totally agree with you. My passion is to have a place where youth can hang out in Nashville in a safe environment, with counselors, with people who’ll love em like Jesus. Most churches would be a great place like that. If we built coffee houses and theatres, it could possibly work.


    PS – Phil from VeggieTales story here – http://thehighcalling.com/Library/ViewLibrary.asp?LibraryID=4384

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