Best Part of Church Planting

Posted: January 13, 2008 in Church Leadership

I think the best part of church planting is helping church planters. I don’t know if we really do any good, but it’s fun to share. Sometimes I wonder about the impact that we make, because information is so accessible. You can go to a conference and in two days pretty much learn everything you need to know about church planting. Go to one more and you are probably ready to launch.

Actually, church planting is tough and having a great team is pretty critical to your success. Learning all of the mistakes to avoid will accelerate all the avenues in which God can work. Sure He can work in a lousy volunteer structure, with a sorry worship team, or a poorly structured staff. However, from experience I know He seems to work even better when we do our part.

Too make a short story long, the best part of church planting is to invest in other people who are going to plant churches. It give you a sense of satisfaction to know you have played some part, even if it’s really small, in their success. It’s a great reality of the Kingdom of God, because we know we are all working for the same goals. I doubt McDonald’s is having meetings with budding burger chain entrepreneurs telling them everything they need to know to be successful. Today after church we were able to invest in a team that is headed to San Diego this summer. I imagine they will learn a lot more before they go and that they will talk to way smarter people then me, but I am fired up to have a part in their story.

  1. J.R. Lee says:

    You guys have made a HUGE difference in the life of Freedom! Thank You!

  2. Todd Lollis says:

    It’s funny because I was coming here to leave you a comment to say thanks. Guess JR beat me to it.

    We appreciate all that you guys have done to help us be farther along in the journey!

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