Glory of God Part II

Posted: January 16, 2008 in Theology
Obviously God is completely autonomous and has every right to His own prerogative.  He can choose to let these guys come see Him in His glory and live.  Later He can cover Moses’ eyes and not let him see much.

I think that the central idea, and maybe God’s point in doing this, is to help keep us on edge.  The phrase “fear of God” is in the Bible about 690 times.  There are lots of different contexts and various admonitions associated with this action, but the central teaching point seems to be that it is for your own good.  It helps you keep His commandments, helps you reap physical benefits, and shows that you respect God.

I guess that the conclusion that I have made when it comes to why someone can see God and live and another individuals would die just for touching the Ark, is that God demands respect.   He wouldn’t get the same respect if He treated us all equally when we don’t all behave the same.  This isn’t Aretha Franklin type respect, but respect like you would expect anyone in authority would demand for those he/she watches over.

It’s similar to the bite the hand that feeds you analogy.  Why would we do anything less then fear God, respect Him and keep His commandments when the list of things He has done for us fills hundreds of pages in our Bible?  Many people in the God showed respect for God by looking away even if they thought they could look and live.  Others got to close to the proverbial line and payed the price.

I want to see God, but I have concluded that I am no Charles Spurgeon, Billy Graham, Paul, or Moses.  I don’t deserve it, won’t demand it, nor do I expect it.  Heaven is probably going to be my best shot, but I sure wouldn’t mind telling the story of the time when God appeared to me at…


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