Can’t Out Give God

Posted: January 22, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random, Theology

I realize that there are lots of ways to look at giving. One person looks at giving as a activity to make themselves feel better. Other people do it out of guilt, to make themselves feel better. Other people give to get, which will make them feel better. Finally, others give to because it’s the “right thing to do,” and then they feel better.

It’s pretty apparent that God has a plan for blessing people and it isn’t a plan that involves everyone getting as much as they can and holding onto it with everything you have got. It also somehow always makes you feel good to give money and stuff away. It makes you feel less like you are selfish and greedy and more like you are a philanthropist.

When Oak Leaf gave back to our church to bless the community we did it out of obedience (which made us feel better) with no real expectation of what might happen. Since that offering we have received $14,150 in cash (and there is another $4,150 pledged) and had one of our best offerings all time.

It just goes to show that you can’t out give God and that He blesses obedience.


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