Just Getting A License Plate…

Posted: January 23, 2008 in Random

I imagine that I am not the only one with a story about the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Everyone has probably been treated rudely, been ignored, had to wait a long time, or been sent home for not having the correct proof of something.

Maybe this recap is juicer then most, maybe not. I did have to take Advil after my last trip, so it was significant to me.

Back in the early fall we bought two 26′ box trucks to haul all our stuff. We got the traditional dealer tags that gave us a month driving legitimately without the real deal. I went to work on getting all of the stuff I assumed we needed. I got car insurance, made sure they were road worthy (blinkers, tires, etc.), and got the necessary proof of ownership together. I then headed to the Tag Offices expecting that my trip was to be both fruitful and quick…boy was I wrong.

I didn’t realize this at first, but I had a laundry list of problems. First of all I had what I thought was a small problem, the people from Uhaul put the title in my name instead of Oak Leaf Church. I thought I could just sign it over (for$1) and be done, nope. Then I came to find out that the people who sold it to me didn’t assume the title, so it was considered an out of state sale. This meant the Department of Revenue didn’t feel that I had paid taxes…despite a receipt and bill of sale to the contrary.

You can guess this took me a few trips back and forth to the tag office…it’s not worth recapping entirely.

Here is what happened. I had to get an official letter from the Georgia Revenue department (for the tax problem), which the tag office wouldn’t accept. I got a affidavit of correction (that was notarized), which was also not accepted. I actually had to leave the county (went to Floyd County) to start the process and get the titles. Then I came back to Cartersville and they wouldn’t accept my title from Rome, because it was done in Floyd County. After an hour and a half of negotiations in Cartersville I left with only one title and once conclusion…

From my 1.5 hour observation, 4+ months of trips to tag office, and hours of phone calls I have made the following conclusions. Only 40% of people who come to the tag office get what they came for. It feels like they really don’t want to help you, because no matter how thick your stack of legal documents, how old and feeble you are, or whether you speak good English or not, they just give these emotionless responses and send you on your way. I have never had to use all of my resources, intellect, and persuasiveness just to get a license plate.


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