Recruiting Violations?

Posted: January 25, 2008 in College Football, Florida Gators

Since I am on sort of a sports kick, I feel the need to vent a little bit.  I normally don’t have problems when basic allegations are brought against a coach, player, or school.  Usually, there is some truth deep down in the details that someone did something wrong.  Even if they don’t get in trouble/convicted it would be hard to drag their name through the mud without something.  I doubt anyone is going to write an article about Billy Graham having a gambling problem, because he has probably never been within 10 miles of a casino.

I do however get a little fired up with sensationalist reporters try to make a big deal about something that is ridiculous and laughable (as far as rules go).  It seems that Urban Meyer committed what they are calling a “minor” recruiting violation.  Here are the details of what happened

  • He called a recruit on the number he was given for him.
  • His girlfriend answered.
  • He suggested to the girlfriend that she accompany the recruit to UF (she is also an athlete).
  • Meyer got a call from the same recruit at the Heisman Ceremony.
  • He let the recruit talk to Tim Tebow who had just won the award.

I realize that the NCAA is ultra sensitive about major programs recruiting methods, but when you start putting stuff like that out on a national level you need to have had some mob cash exchange hands, a Rolex watch, or maybe a BMW.

Otherwise, they should save their stupidity for Tennessee or FSU 🙂

  1. Billy says: says we will have the number 1 recruiting class in the nation for the second year in a row with the commitment of Omar Hunter from Buford. It is even more sweet that he backed out on UGA. We owed them one after Marcus Stroud did it to us several years back and then landed the cover of SI for the move.

    Billy and the Boys aren’t looking bad on the hard wood either.

    Go Reptiles

  2. jearwood says:

    Omar Hunter didn’t back out on Georgia, he waited too long to commit and UGA didn’t have a scholarship for him once he decommitted Notre Dame late in the game. A good pickup for the gators, no doubt, but high school juniors should learn a lesson about being coy until 2 weeks before signing day.

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