It’s OK To Be The Boss

Posted: January 29, 2008 in Church Leadership

I just finished one of the most practical management books I have ever read.  I am huge fan of Good To Great and other leaderships books from Andy Stanley and Bill Hybels.  However, this guy just seems to be inside my head and putting all of my struggles and thoughts onto paper.

Michael and I talk a lot about books, leaders, and strategy. He often says that rarely do you hear someone say something truly novel yet we all read books, go to conferences and listen to leaders speeches anyway.  Ultimately we are looking for permission to do what we already know we should have done in the first place.  It’s Ok To Be The Boss did that for me.  It made me realize that managing people isn’t as simple as giving directions and hoping it all gets done.  There are a lot of steps between giving giving someone their job description and expecting it all to get done just like you imagined.

I typed up my top takeaways, so if you want to see 200 pages whittled down to two click here.


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