Do I need a Pacifier?

Posted: January 31, 2008 in Theology

Great Quote: “When you are spiritually immature or childlike in your relationship to Christ, you are only capable of what a child is capable.” To say it another way, “if your connection to Christ is weak and your experiences with Him minimal then you cannot expect to do much more then ride with training wheels.”

I would venture to guess that most people don’t reach the fullness in Christ that God intends for believers. It might be for lack of effort or because of tragic flaw that we are unwilling to work on, but the result is we don’t find our selves face to face with God like Moses did. Moses had a relationship with God like nobody else in Scriptures. Even Jesus, being God in the flesh, didn’t have regular meetings (at least that were recorded in the New Testament), where God came down or He went up and spoke to God face to face regularly.

Maturity for me is learning how to have a conversation with God. It’s getting past the trappings of spirituality (reading your Bible, doing a devotional, and going to church) and starting an authentic relationship. Most people throw that relationship thing around like they know what it means. The same people probably have unhealthy relationships that are completely one-sided. They do all the talking, ask for lots of favors, and make a lot of demands, then wonder why it doesn’t work or why it doesn’t last.

I boil it down to this…if you have a relationship with Jesus, you know it. You would know if you have a real relationship with Billy Graham or if you just heard him preach. You also know if you spend some time in prayer, whether you are going to have a conversation or whether you are just talking to the ceiling.


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