Posted: February 4, 2008 in Random, Theology

It’s funny how easily we can get jealous and how susceptible we all are to it’s grip on our mind. I often think of churches, pastors, trucks, guitars, and abilities I wish I had or was a little more like. The bottom line is we are what we are, we probably aren’t going to change much, and dreaming leads to the inevitable jealousy syndrome where we mope and wonder why our life sucks so much.

This is sort of a personal confession and also a mini-devotional. I am often tempted to compare our church and it’s growth with that of others. I regularly talk to two Executive Pastors at churches that are doing stuff that Hollywood movies are made of. My point is that what is happening here in Cartersville is as impressive as what’s happening in their churches…it’s just so darn difficult to see.

Last week we had 800 people and then this weekend we dropped by over 100 people. All this while doing two mailers and having great momentum. In fact, to put it perspective, we had more people at church on the “snow day.” I don’t get it and don’t know if I will, but it sure can send you into a jealous tailspin when you are riding the attendance roller coaster and others are blowing the doors off what people think is possible.

God never seems to respond to my petitions and ultimatums, so I know ultimately I just need to count my blessings and be thankful. Maybe you should do the same?


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