Mr. Mom?

Posted: February 6, 2008 in Random

For centuries women worked outside of the home. Most of them probably thoroughly enjoyed their lives and didn’t live with the pressure to contribute to the overall economic health of their families. Consequently, if they chose to go into business, lead an army, rule a city, or take on some other endeavor it was ultimately their choice.

Today, the stakes and the motivations are somewhat different. During the past 40 years, women joining the workforce has grown by 40%. Now, nearly 75% of women ages 25-55 work outside of the home. The growth of women in the workforce has fueled economic growth and raised most families quality of life for many. In the 21st century, some women may work for the same reasons as women of the past centuries, but many now feel the pressure to contribute to the financial health of their families.

In my experience the women of the Bible-belt feel an extra pressure to stay at home with their children. Whether it’s induced by their husbands, family, or society it seems that most women of the South tend to feel they are doing the right thing by raising their kids and staying home with them…at least until they start school.

Many of these women who stay home have college degrees and are trained in some industry, probably because they worked and went to college before they had children. I am no psychologist or sociologist, but I do believe that these trends and inherit pressures result in a lot of unhappy, frazzled, and disappointed women.

To Be Continued…

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