Ministry Appraisals

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Church Leadership

I wanted to create a system to help our staff track their progress and reach their goals. I probably could have thought up a better name then ministry appraisals, but that’s why I am the Executive Pastor and not the Creative Arts Pastor.

These little 15 minute one-on-one session with our staff are a crucial piece of the puzzle. The puzzle for most administrators in a church or business is determining what their staff is doing, what they are accomplishing weekly, and if they are truly helping the church move forward. I don’t want our church to feel like a corporation, but we didn’t hire our staff because the love Jesus. We hired them to accomplish some task. The fact that they love Jesus just allowed them to be considered for the job.

The ministry appraisal is basically a diary of our conversations. Our conversation revolves around the, specific and measurable, goals that our staff sets for themselves and get approved by Micheal. The purpose and benefit of this meeting is for me to be completely confident that our staff is performing to their potential and that they are helping us accomplish our mission. I created an Excel spreadsheet to document our conversations and I make sure that the staff look at it after our conversation. In addition, we schedule the next meeting before they leave, so they know when we will check up on their progress.

I also make sure it doesn’t kill anyone’s day, so we make it only 15 minutes. It’s a real and practical number and I even downloaded a timer so I can make sure that we make it work for our schedules and doesn’t become a cumbersome chore.

If you want to use this meeting plan, have your employees or staff set 3 to 5 6-month or long-term goals and 2 to 3 short time goals. Track the progress during these meeting and catch up with their overall picture of their job, their contributions to the organization, and their overall well-being.

To download the timer click here.  The spreadsheet could/should have these headings: Meeting/Purpose, Date, Topics, Discussed, Mini-Goals, Deadline, Deadlines Met?, Performance Rating (10 Points)…sorry I couldn’t upload it.

Hope it helps.

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