Valentines Day

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Random

Just like the stupid talk shows who can’t stop talking about Roger Clemens and steroids, I am going to say what I did for my wife on Valentines Day.

I went a little old school and a little new school. I got her chocolate, a rose and a card, but I also made her a song.

Here is what I did…

  • I used the Eric Clapton song Wonderful Tonight as my musical guide.
  • I changed the lyrics and wrote it to be tailored for her.
  • Then I practiced…not nearly enough and setup the video camera.
  • I started a fire in the fire place, got dressed up in a suit and tie, and sang my song.
  • I then made a slide-show, movie, and DVD on my mac and put all of my stuff out for her to find in the morning.
  • She called me, a little choked up, on my way to the gym this morning to say she loved it.
  • So even though I can’t sing a lick, screwed up a few chords, I still hit a homerun.
  • Niiiiiiiiiiice!

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