Does God Care 2…

Posted: February 17, 2008 in Random, Theology

Here is where I am going with this. I believe that God strategically blesses certain people based on real, tangible, and rational reasons sometimes and other times it seems He just does whatever the heck He wants. Don’t think so? Why did God choose Abraham? He and his father were likely idol worshipers at the time of His call. Conversely, why did He chose Paul? Because he had all of the traits necessary to make a great evangelist (among other things), but was just headed in the wrong direction. Why did one team win the National Championship and another lose? Its never just coaching, training or faster players. There is always a couple intangibles…luck, talent, and timing.

The conclusion may be for one person to figure out their role and do it to the best of their ability. No questions, no dreams, and no tangents, just solid work on whatever task you feel you should pursue. For another, they need more and so they strive after dreams and goals that seem unattainable. They know they must strive in order to keep their sanity.

I believe God has an ultimate plan and that He has wrote the script long ago (Psalm 139:16). We aren’t getting around the story He has written for us. We can dream of dunking a basketball, but for some of us we are going to have to lower the goal to 9 feet. Others might wish for a Honda Pilot, but God wants you to dream for a Range Rover.

When it comes to disappointments in ministry or business, questions about why God seems to do so much more with another Pastor, church or company, might produce some hard answers. We might conclude that we just aren’t as creative, skilled, humble, or anointed as that other person. God determined long before Moses was born he would lead Israel. It wasn’t after He saw how it worked out with him living in the Pharaoh’s palace, He thought, “This guy would be perfect.”

My conclusion, I don’t know my potential. I don’t know the end of Oak Leaf Church’s story. But, I know my dream and until I realize that it’s not possible I won’t stop trying. That’s ultimately what makes life worth living…isn’t it?

  1. coldfire says:

    All of these ideas, does God care and whatnot are all good thoughts, but all of this is ultimately intangible.

    If God has already written the script long ago, how do you account for when he changes his mind or repents from his action? Why would he tell people they need to repent? I just don’t understand this.

  2. bigblue says:

    Leslie Weatherhead’s books – The Will of God and The Christian Agnostic are tremendous sources of information. Although they were written decades ago the thoughts are so relevant today.

  3. agratto says:

    That’s what is so mind-bending about the whole thing. How does God change His mind, or did He? He can’t be God Almighty, Holy, Just, and Sovereign in one chapter and then barely paying attention in another (Sodom and Gomorrah).

    The stories of how He works with Moses and the Old Testament always makes me wonder why the Bible pictures God as totally in control, with His mind made up before time, and then allowing for room for Him to change His mind in Scripture.

    I just say the thing we should all strive to do, and see for our own walks with God, is the ability to leverage our favor with God for our churches and families (like Moses). Plus, have the kind of relationship where God will “come down” and listen to our petitions and requests.

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