Burn the Ships

Posted: February 21, 2008 in Random

I got an interesting question for a church planter the other day. It was in reference to a question on our 6-month staff evaluation, which is, “If Oak Leaf Church was to move, would you move with us?”

His question was what would you do if someone said, “No” or “I would have to pray about it,” or “If it is the Lord’s will,” instead of, “Heck yeah”?

The answer is probably the same as most every other pastor of most every other church in America…nothing.

What can you do? Can you make people care more about the mission, the vision, the leadership and then they do their house, their hometown, or their quality of life?

The answer is you probably can’t, but in order to accomplish your mission you probably will need a lot of people who will “burn the ships.”  It’s the old general/captain strategy of making sure the army didn’t think there was any chance to retreat.  Make them move forward and don’t let them even consider trying something else, because they can’t.

I think more business leaders, church planters, and regular old Christians ought to take this approach.  What if your break-through is going to happen in year 5 and you are already gone?

My answer to that question on the survey was…..”When and where?” and that’s no knock on Cartersville.  It’s a belief that the mission of reaching unchurched, unsaved, and completely disconnected (from the Body of Christ) people are why we are doing this thing called church planting.


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