Best Practices

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Church Leadership

This isn’t a totally unique idea. I don’t mean that our staff didn’t come up with all of Oak Leaf Church’s Best Practices, but that we aren’t the first church or business to outline the best way for their organization to do things. There is always a good way to run your church and/or business and then there is a way that will just help you get by. We outlined a couple guidelines that our staff and volunteers should use as they make decisions. Here they are in no particular order. Maybe you can use them in a modified form for your church or business?

  • Be mean about the vision. Don’t let anything or anyone hijack what we are trying to accomplish.
  • Be a Pizza Hut, not a Chili’s. Be simple and specialize; don’t try and offer something for everyone.
  • Don’t mess with Sunday. Nothing should hurt, detract, or take away from the Sunday experience.
  • Keep score. You can’t win if you don’t know the score.
  • Go over the top. If you are choosing between Moe’s and Longhorn, pick Ruth’s Chris.
  • Think team. Leading ministry, not doing ministry, means that you need to involve other people. Don’t do alone what can be done in a group.
  • Never choose easy over right. If it’s easy, then you probably are doing it wrong. Sweat, brains and prayer are necessary.
  • Say thanks. What is appreciated and rewarded gets repeated.
  • There is always more at stake. How will the decision made today effect the organization when we have more services, more locations or 2,000 people?
  • It’s never good enough. Always look for ways to do it better, do it simpler, or do it bigger.

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