Numbers Matter

Posted: March 8, 2008 in Church Leadership

There is a great debate in the church world about whether focusing on numbers is healthy or wrong.
Without trying to use all of the traditional arguments for or against setting numerical goals, I am just going to say what goals we have set as a church and why it’s a good thing.

We want to see 2000+ people at the Egg Drop, 1000+ people on Easter, and 50+ people get saved in March. Wrong or right, we feel these goals will be motivation for us to make an impact for the following reasons:

  • Goals create accomplishment instead of activity. Anyone can be busy doing something, but if you have a goal you know what you are trying to produce by your activities.
  • Goals give you direction. If you know there are only 2 tickets you can only invite two friends. When you know there are 4, you invite a few more. Oak Leaf will provide the space and the services, so the church can always practice the Great Commission.
  • Goals capitalize on the brain’s amazing powers. Once you know what is at stake and what we are trying to accomplish you will be more creative in how you get people to church or on the path to finding God.
  • Goals make life easier. We can accomplish more with 750 inviting people then with 500. How much more with 1000?
  • Goals help us go faster. We can’t wait on the county to grow or couples to have babies to grow or we can be motivated to see lives changed.
  • Goals create satisfaction. How good would you feel if you knew you were going to see a co-worker or family member in Heaven because you invited them?
  • Goals create confidence. Nobody likes to play a game with no rules. Nobody likes to do something with no real point. If we agree on the point and the rules we love the pursuit and results.

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