Posted: March 12, 2008 in Church Leadership

I love the fact that in the church world we can steal each other’s ideas and nobody goes to court.  There isn’t any chance of getting sued to defend your sermon illustration, a guitar lick you used, or a Children’s ministry name.  Partly this is because we don’t copyright anything and partly because there are very few people creative enough to come up with genuinely unique idea, so we have to share.

In no way am I saying Oak Leaf Church is better then any other church, because we aren’t too prideful to admit that we have “shared” other people’s ideas throughout the life of our church.  At the same time I find it humorous when I hear of a churches dogging each other knowing that we are all in it (hopefully) to see the same result.  Why would one church act like their Jesus is better then another Jesus?  Why would one Pastor act like their Bible is better then another Pastor’s?  Why would one salvation be genuine because they “came forward” instead of checking a box?

Unfortunately, there are many who feel that what is happening at Oak Leaf and other churches like it, is all smoke and mirrors and that it’s not valid or real.  I finally got some information that I had been trying to track down for about 6 months, which gave me a realistic picture  of how many lives have been changed because Oak Leaf came to town (and got me fired up).

Are you ready?  Because Oak Leaf Church exists and the Holy Spirit moved in people’s hearts 101 people have given their lives to Christ.  That’s pretty darn cool!!  As Perry Noble once to Michael and me, “I would love to see someone come tell those 101 people that they didn’t really get saved.”

Can’t we all just get along?

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