Posted: March 15, 2008 in Random

I know my wife Carrie will be rolling her eyes when she reads this post, but I have to do it. I will chalk this up to the bad influences in my life, one of them being our Lead Pastor, who have effectively gotten me addicted to cool blue jeans. I realize that I could have other more harmful hobbies, like bungee jumping, grenade collecting, or playing chicken with trains, but instead I look for cool jeans and try to get a awesome collection.

At this point I am no where near having a complete collection, but in order to afford my light bill and groceries I limit my pursuits to mostly looking.  Despite  feedback from those that might feel differently I have actually only bought 2 pairs of jeans this year. Now for all those that are into fashion let me give you my jean collection from my favorite to the pair I might change the oil in…

1. Big Star Pioneer Boot

2. Big Star Pioneer Boot

3. Gap 1969 Loose Fit

4. BKE Tyler

5. Old Navy Bootcut

6. Banana Republic Relaxed 

7. Lucky Slim Bootleg

8. Levi’s Relaxed Fit

9. Old Navy Regular

10. Manchester Kensington (not yet in the collection…but hopefully soon)

  1. will says:

    no diesel? no BDG? we need to get you some real jeans.

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