Curse of Numbers

Posted: March 24, 2008 in Church Leadership, Theology

There is an inherit curse when you mention or focus on the numbers.  It’s the curse of having to talk about numbers all of the time and the curse of people thinking that is all you care about.  In some cases it is, because I am a competitive guy and I want to win.  I am not trying to beat other pastors, I am trying to beat the pants off of Satan.  So far he is winning in Bartow County.  He has 59,000 people staying at home on Sunday mornings and we have 1,000 (roughly) coming to Oak Leaf.

As I have thought and battled my male tendencies I often need a reminder to stop focusing on the wins and keep moving forward to what God want to do next.  This morning, Micheal lead our Lead Team devotional and talked about the Transfiguration.  The disciples who went with Him up the mountain did, what all normal people would do, which was to want to find a way to stay exactly where they were because it was a great experience.

I get that…Easter Sunday blew our socks off.  However, God’s best (more then we can ask or imagine) is way better then how many people showed up this past Sunday.  I want to see what He has in store for us next Easter.  I guess He wants to teach me and our staff to look forward and not celebrate too much that we had a great Sunday.  Possibly, because we will laugh at last weekend when He shows us what He will do through Oak Leaf in the future.  Can’t wait!!

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