A Little Divination Anyone?

Posted: April 1, 2008 in Theology

I love reading contradictory and confusing stuff from the Old Testament. It doesn’t make me think the authors heard something wrong, that God messed up, or lose my faith. Instead, it really and truly makes me wonder how deep God can be for Him to do some of the things He does.

Here are some of the thoughts I have had recently…

1. God says He isn’t like a man, because he doesn’t change His mind. Then He tells Moses He will wipe out Israel, but then changes His mind.

2. He tells Israel that they should put to death anyone who practices sorcery or divination, but then He proceeds to speak through Balaam after he practices divination to determine what the Lord would like to say through him.

I am all for God having an explanation that is beyond my understanding or comprehension, but somethings I just don’t understand how to reconcile.  I don’t read enough stories to hear of extra-biblical evidence of God speaking through a pagan king or a vile murder to preach a message or bring an oracle to the people of God.  I do however see God respond to divination, send evil spirits on people, and tell Israel to destroy entire towns full of “innocent” children.

I don’t look for God to answer and say here is the reason for all of this stuff.  I like God being mysterious, it part of what makes being a Christian exciting.  However,  what I would really like to know is with His actions, which can be haphazard and inconsistent at times how do Christians, as they are how do we proceed?  How should a Christian leader have legitimate expectation of a consistent method for them to get direction for their ministry?  How do they know if they are on the right path, just because it seems “Christian” in nature?  How can they be sure that a leader really is hearing from God when they could be making stuff up.

Maybe there isn’t an answer, but I am still going to ponder.


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