Blog World Catch Up

Posted: April 2, 2008 in Random

I found my old link to my Bloglines account yesterday and played catch up. It’s funny to me how quickly I got caught up and how little the writings of the pastors, businessmen, and entertainers have changed. I flipped through each of their blogs quickly looking for a nugget or two of stuff worth writing down. In the end I found the best and most well-written blog entry to be by John Mayer.

Honestly the only thing I missed about reading blogs is that I personally know almost all of the people who’s blog I read. So in essence its like catching up with a friend. Plus, you get to catch up without having to spend the money to travel and see them or having to by them a $4 cup of Starbucks coffee (which I am looking forward to having this week now that my fast is over).

I do believe that blogs edify the Body of Christ because it allows us to be strengthened and encouraged to see what God is doing around the country. However, I also feel the reading too many blogs tends to quench our own ability to search for solutions to our own problems…lack of growth, new ideas, and ways to stay healthy spiritually among a few of them.

Either way, I think I learned from my fast.


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