Posted: April 4, 2008 in Random

I know that there is chance that someone will read this post and think that I am advocating husbands gallivanting all over the country and spending thousands of dollars to pursue their passions, but I am going to risk it.

One of the things that I believe keeps guys healthy is a legitimate amount of time to pursue a hobby. I am not talking about excessive rounds of golf, owning 16 guitars, or becoming a Pro Bass Fishermen (although I have had that thought). Instead, what makes sense to me is to make sure that us guys get some playtime. I know that it means something different for everyone, but beyond spending time with your wife and kids guys need to play some poker, go Mt. Biking, or get an old Mustang to fix up.

My escape of choice is Mountain Biking and fishing. Saturday, I am taking my bike to Tennessee and riding like a maniac to blow off some steam. Boy do I need it.


  1. jonathan s. says:

    Good word.

    I ususally just watch films of Auburn beating Florida in football.

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