Do it yourself?

Posted: April 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

What’s the deal?  Why is it so hard to do your taxes and why does it cost so much money for someone else to do it for you?

I love letting the experts handle stuff and pay them the money.  I can change my own oil, put in a garage door opener, and mow my yard.  Sometimes, it’s worth the savings to do the work yourself.  Sometimes I am naive, lazy, and uninterested in learning how to do it myself, but other times it’s just not worth it.  I would rather play with my little boy and hangout with my wife instead of burning my forearm on the engine of the car, then to save $5 to change my oil myself.

During tax season, I am learning the hard way that spending a little time studying up on alternatives could save me lots of money.  I am not signing up for any classes, nor am I signing up at Home Depot to learn how to build my own furniture.  I just don’t like it when it costs so much for something so seemingly easy to do.  Next year it’s Turbo Tax all the way!!


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