Follow Through

Posted: April 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

One of the greatest sports principles is also one of the greatest ministry principles. You may know what I am talking about when I say, “Follow-through,” but just to make sure…

Every golfer knows that a golf ball leaves their club at insane rate of speed and is long gone when the club comes up from the ground, but yet they still play out the motion and practically wrap the club around their neck. A tennis player knows that a ball is almost over the net when they finish their swing, but yet they finish the swing anyway. In essence, I am saying the last half of any swing isn’t really doing anything, but making you look cool (or weird).

So why do people do it? It’s because if you starting thinking of it as useless to wrap the club around your neck you will quit your swing earlier and then you won’t hit the ball quite like you used to.

In ministry, we have to follow through as well. It’s not enough to ask someone how they are doing, you have to find out and do something to cheer them up. It’s not enough to ask a volunteer’s opinion, you have to take it to heart and make an inprovement. It’s not good enough to hear from the Lord, it neccessary to actually do what He tells you.

Of course this is all easier said then done, but pastors tend to talk, talk, talk about ministry and most of us aren’t very good at following through with it. I am trying to make an effort to do what I know I need to and follow through with people, projects, and the right priorities.

  1. Callaway says:

    Excellent observations on the all-important follow-through both in the game and in life.

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