Top 5 Vacation Spots

Posted: April 19, 2008 in Random

I cannot say these were the Top 5 Vacation Spots as voted on the Travel Channel, AAA, or people who go there using Expedia. I am just saying that I have either been there, want to go there, or have gotten the impression that this is an impressive place. With no further explanation, my Top 5 Vacation spots are:

  1. California – San Francisco, Yosemite, Muir Woods, Lake Tahoe to name a few
  2. The Caribbean – Taking a cruise through these waters and visiting Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize, and others will make your year if you like warm weather, beaches, and lots of sun.
  3. Las Vegas – It says something about a place, when it know for Gambling, but you can be there for days and have fun with doing any of it. Plus, it within driving distance of the Grand Canyon.
  4. New York – There is something to do from New York City to Plattsburgh and from Albany to Syracuse.   Mountains, resorts,
  5. Italy – Never been, but I hear it’s worth the trip.  It’s on my radar and I am hoping to make it someday when I can afford the airfare.  Italy with ancient Roman Empire, the Vatican, and spaghetti, you can’t go wrong.
  1. Laura says:

    What about Auburn, AL?????

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