Speed Limits

Posted: April 22, 2008 in Random

I am sitting in a hotel room in Charlotte, North Carolina after a 4.5 hours driving from Cartersville.  I had the distinct privilege of driving for 3+ hours on I-85 through three states, which has made it a necessity to do a little venting.

I don’t understand speed limits on Interstates.  Maybe I am missed out on too many lectures in my stats classes in college, so I don’t understand how they are set.  Maybe I don’t appreciate the road construction guys enough to slow down.  Maybe I am just in too much of a hurry, so I hate trying to go 60 when my truck is begging me to go 80.  Whatever the reason, I hate speed limits on Interstates.  They are so random and haphazard in most of the places when they change.  They are almost always too slow for the surroundings like all through South Carolina.  Often they leave up old signs or have lower limits where there is no longer road construction.

I keep thinking of Michael’s platform he says he would use to run for Governor of Georgia.  I might vote for him if he added my stuff.  Don’t allow any semi-trucks on I-285.  Road construction can only happen at night.  Add another loop around Atlanta (mine) and no speed limits on Interstates (mine).

Hopefully, I will calm down in the morning 🙂

  1. Tanya A. says:

    i’ve got one
    it should be illegal for slower drivers to ride in the left lane and they should be ticketed if they do so.
    and i’d have to agree with you about the interstates in SC – not to mention International Blvd in Charlotte – is it just me or are those lanes very narrow….

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