What in the World?

Posted: April 28, 2008 in Random

I realize that Jesus wants us to help the poor and He wants us to give to those who ask us. Michael even talked about tithing Sunday, in hopes that many would begin to trust God with their finances.  However, I encountered a slight problem when I was faced with a giving opportunity.

Usually, I have a little sensitivity for those who have to beg to survive.  The other day I encountered a real roadblock to my giving.  I left the Home Depot in Hiram yesterday and as I was driving out of the parking lot I approached a rough looking guy with a sign wanting money. Normal, I thought, but as I got closer I saw something odd.  He was actually holding his cardboard sign while talking on his cell phone. It looked nicer then my phone!

I don’t know maybe I shouldn’t have noticed or be distracted by something like that, but I couldn’t stop and give him any money. I wondered if he was going to get up in a moment and walk into the parking lot to drive off in his Lexus.

I wonder what Jesus would have done?

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