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Posted: April 29, 2008 in Church Leadership, Theology

One of the interesting things about the Bible is the paradoxes.  They make you scratch your head an wonder if God was doing something else when the author snuck them in.  In every instance in the Bible God tells people not to test Him…except once.  It’s also weird that the only exception has to do with money.  If you have Bible software or can get to the Internet, you can corroborate this story, but there is only one exception in the Bible where He literally says, “Test me.”

We decided to pass that along to Oak Leafers Sunday morning and let them join in the test.  Michael challenged the church attenders who are tithing (giving 10% of their gross income) to see if God stays true to His Word and blesses them for their obedience.  If you didn’t here the message you can listen here. If you want to take the challenge go here.

I am excited to hear what God does in those people who “test Him.”

  1. Jacky's mom says:

    My tithing history began almost twenty years ago when my first husband left with our savings and retirement. I was left with all of the bills and a house to pay for, and NO money. The house went into foreclosure.

    A friend of mine seemingly earned less than me with a part’time waitress job and a part time job in sales, but seemed to get along really well financially. When I asked her secret, which was tithing, I was SO shocked! I didn’t even think that she was a Christian, she was so worldly, so to speak. (I sure wasn’t a Christian). But she had been raised to tithe, and was truly dedicated to it, so….I was determined to try it, altho I really felt like I had nothing to tithe.

    I’ll never forget it. My home was to go up for auction on Monday. The Friday before that Monday, without a cent to my name, the auction was “frozen”. I had attempted bankruptcy to get it, but I didn’t have to continue that route because God suddenly became in control. So, I kept my home minus the bankruptcy. How cool is that?

    I continued to watch this friend of mine that clued me in to the tithing business as I CONTINUED to struggle at hard labor. (And continued to struggle with the bills and my kids). I would say that I was envious of her part time four’hourish cruise of a daily chair’sit as she did advertising sales. The company that I was working for (hard labor), went bankrupt, and then I got a six month feeling of what REALLY hard labor was all about with less pay at another job. Mind you, it was ONLY six months, but I needed that pruning to mold me, I guess. I drove around and spent every lunch hour with God. The day that I decided and promised God that I would be happy with the day despite it’s hardships and continue to praise him no matter what, is the day that I got a plea on my answering machine from that particular friend’s employer to come be his secretary. It was the same pay, but HALF the hours, but I took it anyway. Gradually, he left me to handle the business for him. That only lasted about six months too, but I learned a lot, discovered that I’m pretty clever at writing….and when he shut down the busniness there were a handful of us without a job.

    For about a week.

    I was a little dejected, but Jacky said it….”Mama, you know that God has something bigger planned for you.” He was about thirteen, fourteen at the time. That was the day that I began to be proud of myself as a mother. My child had been listening to me….

    A week later, I restarted the advertising company, small, but gave all of those girls back the jobs that they had lost with the ADVANTAGE of working from home. (At least what few wanted to attempt it). No computers then, but faxes were amazing things. I NEVER MADE SO MUCH MONEY IN MY LIFE, and only worked SEVERAL hours a week! The old boss had been robbing them with the percentage of their pay, but I was determined to pretty much double their pay.

    Naturally guilt kicked in, (devil tries to rob), that I wasn’t on some sort of schedule, since I
    had been on one during all of my working years. But in Malachi, God promises to rebuke the devourer for you. He sure does! I’m not “rich” by no means, at least not in the world’s eyes. But I sure am in spirit, and I want for nothing.

    Some things are simply meant to be for a season. As the years passed, I left that to try something else, including remarrying, and something else. It’s been a fruitful journey, financially and spiritually. We have a small booming business that the drought/economy would like to rob us of, but again, I don’t worry, because God will rebuke the devourer….>devil’s not gonna touch our money!

    We’ve wanted for nothing, since my beginning tithes. It DID take a simple year, which maybe seems like FOREVER to get to the point of wanting for nothing….but after ONE year of struggling and being totally penniless (we scraped pennies from under sofa cushions for school ice’cream money!)

    After one year of ALL that, I owned a company that profited (amazing story itself) and paid for itself within that very first week. From that day on, I’ve never owed anyone anything.

    We have a nice business, my husband and I. Sad to say, he doesn’t believe in the tithe theory. (Because it’s too big for him to fathom, “giving that much money” away). I still have personal income that I faithfully tithe, and have for years to where God has taught me. I believe and KNOW that we are blessed because of my dedication to GIVE and give freely. Not only tithes, but alms. (Pray for my families eyes to be opened).

    And my son? He was a tither too, but got out of it, went downhill financially, but the week that he died? He said, “Mama, I’m going back to tithing.”

    Love my boy! I’m determined that his income go to his church>>Oak Leaf.

    I am a living testimony, and he saw it, that testing God in that area WORKS. I don’t care how hopeless anyone feels, just….as Jacky would say, “Just DO it!” Test God with your money.

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