A little hard to believe…

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Theology

I know that I am not Jewish or like those guys from Highlander who have been around for thousands of years and could see this stuff first hand, but I have a hard time with something I stumbled across in the Bible.  It’s obvious for any novice Bible scholar that Israel has a track record of making some bad choices when it came to following God from slavery to the point where their nation was dismantled by the Babylonians and Assyrians among others.  If they were consistent in anything, they were consistent in screwing up, asking for forgiveness, being rescued, and then screwing up again.

What I read this morning, that in some way shed light on their plight, was in Deuteronomy 18 when Moses is talking about God raising up future prophets.  He is basically telling them that the reason that they are going to have to now listen to prophets is because they were too chicken to listen straight from God.

Now I realize that I haven’t ever listened to talking pillar of fire, but I gotta think that it would be more beneficial and exciting to hear directly from God then sifting through prophets to make sure that they aren’t making stuff up.

I realize that we now have the Holy Spirit, but I think it is sad that there was a day when man could literally stand before God, hear what He wanted to say and then do it.  Can’t wait for Heaven…know what I am talking about?!


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