Deep Thoughts…

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Random

I often think that a lot of the Old Testament laws and regulations are hard to understand at best.  Some of them can be translated to our time, but most of them are difficult to interpret and apply today.

Lately, I have spend a lot of time in Deuteronomy and I ran across a regulation for taking people to court or accusing someone of a crime.  In essence it tells people that they should never convict someone unless there are at least two witnesses.  This led me to an interesting tangent thought.

I often heard people say something like, “people are saying,” or “the people I talked to think.”  Immediately, I relate that to this verse.  When people make those generalization they have often talked to 2 or 3 people at most.  When building a case for what an entire organization, church, club, class, or team thinks its probably important to do some better research.  Yet, how often do we (and I really mean we) just assume people really know what they are talking about and make a decision based on lousy information.

I know if we had done that in the first 6 months of Oak Leaf Church we would have left town.  What idea are you sure of but the opposition for a few folks has caused you to lose heart?  Maybe, you need to stick with your conviction and press on despite what “everyone is saying” 🙂


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