Multi-Site a neccessity?

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

I had an interesting thought the other day about multi-site churches.  It was inspired as I was trying to fill up my gas tank without dipping into Micah’s college fund and knowing that there are tons of people that are making significant lifestyle changes across the country.

The thought was that multi-site churches might be what it takes to reach America. It might also be the only way to build a mega-church outside of New York City (where there are 3 million people in 2 square miles), because people won’t drive 15-20 miles to go to church when it costs them $15 each way.

What if the next generation of churches, inspired by the mind of God before any of us where even born and birthed 20 years ago when gas was $1 per gallon, are multi-site?  Basically, the church goes to the densest parts of any city and then works their way out the the suburbs to give everyone the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  It’s sort of a stateside missionary, because we are enabling people to still experience corporate worship without bankrupting themselves paying $40 a weekend to hear a preacher and sing some songs.

I know Oak Leaf is going to the people, but maybe that is the only way that churches can survive in what will surely be a new economic age and new lifestyle shift if gas gets to $5 a gallon.

  1. Dominic says:

    I think it is more of an issue of “WHEN” gas gets to $5 dollars a gallon – not if. It’s already $3.85 here. Dang.

    When am I going to see you guys again? Are you still coming up in June?

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