A little blurry…

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Church Leadership

Sometimes I feel like the hardest thing to do in ministry is know where the “line” is.  The line between helping someone financially and being a crutch.  The line between giving advice and doing counseling.  The line between appreciating staff and volunteers and ruining their “reward.”

I know that many people probably err on the side of being a crutch, counseling, and over-thanking, but I always feel convicted that I become an enabler and put myself in harms way when I allow people to take advantage of Christ’s bride or bankrupt the staff (by hijacking their time and resources).

Maybe its because any spiritual gifts analysis would tell me that I lack mercy.  Maybe it’s because I am pretty black and white.  Maybe it’s my bottom line outlook on life (I also call it an Ecclesiastes World-view).  I just want people to do the right thing without ridiculously long explanations, counseling, or coddling.

I know that not realistic, so I will continue to invest in people, help them to see their God-given talents, and help people take baby-steps to going “where God wants them to be.”  But it ain’t easy…whew! 🙂

  1. JOEL GRIFFIN says:

    You should probaly ask your wife about your school of thought. I would not say you are being a CRUTCH, I’d say God is giving you an opportunity to be a discipler. If Jesus is our example, then you should take note, Jesus embraced his 12 disciples inability to understand what he was saying, for THREE years. That’s not just a phone call once a week, thats living with them 1100 days(more or less) for 24 hours a day. And He only spent hour, on rare occasions, to recharge himself. Now realize, disciplining these regular guys was not his main objective, his purpose was to prepare the world for his departure and change the the rule system to the faith system. His objective in discipling the Ordinary 12, was to continue his ministry when he was gone.

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