Mother’s Day

Posted: May 11, 2008 in Church Leadership

I am excited about tomorrow at The Leaf.  One of the number one things we wrestle with as a staff, is trying to honor traditions and  exceed expectations.  We are doing a couple things for Moms on Mother’s Day, but we are also talking about a unique book called, “Why Men Hate Going to Church.”

For some that might seem like an odd topic, but for us it really makes sense.  On Mother’s Day the number one things that happens is a bunch of husbands, grandpas and dads clean up, dress up and go to church with their girl.

Therein lies our quandary.  Do we just get a bunch of flowers and tell moms that we appreciate them and teach some Bible story about Martha, Mary, Ester, or some other momma?  Maybe, but probably not if you want their husbands to come back.  Instead, you find a way to show them that because we care about them, we want to accomplish the unthinkable.  Getting their husbands to come back because they enjoyed church.

Tomorrow we will see how well we balanced the two…honoring traditions and blazing a new course.


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