Field of Dreams

Posted: May 13, 2008 in Church Leadership

We had a great Lead Team meeting today at the Bartow Baptist Association. They let us borrow their conference room for the day, so we had a ridiculously long meeting about everything under the sun. We had some great insights into what we believe God wants us to do with our church and the direction we should head.

Will Goodwin said something very insightful today, that I thought would be helpful to unpack. He said we have avoid a “Field of Dream” approach to our church growing. Basically, he was saying just because we have a great service, cool signs, good preaching and have finally got all of our staff needs filled doesn’t mean we will grow. It’s hard work to grow and lots of ground work has to be done in order to see the growth we experienced in 2007.

I think it a great point and I think we as a staff and church are beginning to realize that we need to really throw ourselves into the mission in order to see God do amazing things in 2008. It’s going to take lots of prayer, personal sacrifice, and getting out of our comfort zone in order to experience all God wants us to experience.


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