Great Jobs

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Random

There are lots of people that have great jobs.  Even some garbage men have a great job if they are chucking trash in Boulder, Colorado and looking at the Rocky Mountains everyday at work.  I think I have a pretty good job to even if my office overlooks the roof of Fuddruckers.

For the most part I use my brain, my typing skill, my ability to problem solve, and any management/business stuff I learned in college.  There isn’t a whole lot of intense labor involved, but I often remark when I get home that an easy day in the office is harder then a hard day landscaping.  I remember how tiring it was to plant trees, shrubs, lay sod, and mow yards for a living.  Your body seems to recoup faster then your mind.

I guess what I am saying is that I feel like all 8 years of post-high school education has paid off and I finally have the opportunity to use my brain for a living instead of brawn.

Even though I have a great job, I still daydream.  If I wasn’t an Executive Pastor, and I could actually get a job doing these things, my Top 5 Career Choices (in no particular order) would be…

1. Major League Baseball Pitcher

2. Pro Bass Fishermen

3. College Football Coach

4. President of the University of Florida

5. CEO of Apple Computers


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