Big Prayers

Posted: May 28, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random, Theology

I think that sometime as Christians we fail to see what God is doing in our lives or how He answers our prayers. The main reason that we don’t see the result of the hard work of praying and asking God for various things is because we aren’t specific enough and we don’t track our progress.

How many times have you heard someone pray, “Lord, bless me.” “Lord, help us to have a good day.” “Lord, please provide for them.” It doesn’t sound much like the prayers of David throughout the Psalms or Jesus in the New Testament. They asked for exactly what they wanted.

What if instead people consistently prayed, “Lord, we need $1000 to pay this surprise doctor bill, please provide for this expense?” What if the church prayed, “Lord, we want to see 100 people get saved in 2008?”

I believe that God will honor specific prayers and that it will grow the faith of the petitioner and those who know the requests, because it gives specifics to what you are asking God to do and what you want everyone else join you in asking for. It’s like confessing sin or sharing a struggle. Nobody can help if nobody knows!?

As a staff we are trying to model this for our church. We created a list of ministry specific prayers that we want to pray for every Tuesday in staff meeting and get our church to join us and asking God to answer.

Here they are…will you help?

20 small groups by end of August.
5 Lead Volunteers In Family Ministry by August.
5 Lead Volunteers in Connections Ministry by August.
Purchase a building for offices and Student Ministry by end of August.
To be able to give away $40,000 by the end of the year.


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