Leadership from a Duck

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Church Leadership

Saturday I went to the Lake and fished for 3 or 4 hours. I had a QT hotdog for breakfast. Then my wife and little boy joined me at the lake and we went swimming and ate lunch in a cove at Allatoona Lake.

While eating my potato chips I noticed a duck. I thought Micah would like to see the duck, although that isn’t exactly what he says when he sees one (let’s just say it’s not PG rated). My plan was throw out some chips and get him close so that Micah could really see him (could have been a chick) well. My plan worked, and as he ate the chips really far away, I threw them closer and closer to the side of the boat and before he knew it he was within 3 feet of Micah.

Here is the Leadership Principle. If you want good people around you to serve with you throw them some chips. Not literal Barbecue Chips, but small opportunities. Then make them bigger and bigger until they are right there working besides you and they are indispensable to your organization.

Maybe you let them help you put out road signs, or greet at a special event, or handout balloons. Then it might be that they start showing up all of the time. Next they get more responsibility and they actually oversee other volunteers or other workers.

This may not be a novel idea or sound like a unique thought, but you will likely find that when most people bump into someone who is willing to help they get so excited about a filled void, they just throw them in the fire. They should really proceed with caution while developing a relationship, their skills, and checking their commitment to the organization. It’s really like the duck. Give them a couple opportunities, and if they like what you are serving you might have a winner on your hands.

  1. Todd Lollis says:

    Great post. It was a helpful reminder.

    So what exactly does Micah say? 🙂

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