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Posted: June 4, 2008 in Random, Theology

I am not going to disagree with Jesus that people are stupid or about as smart as sheep.  In fact, I think I sometimes I fall into that category way more then I would like.  Usually, it because of easily avoidable problems I could have avoid with just a tad bit more thought.  It’s that old saying, “turn on your brain!”

The real reason isn’t to talk about how stupid I am, apologize to my wife for not mentioning her in my last post, or to talk about shepherds.  It is to question the logic of still using language that makes us sound pretty archaic even in a contemporary church.

Jesus was an old pro when it comes to finding real life examples to teach spiritual truths.  There are lot of pastors that can unpack these truths and make great application to life today.  The breakdown for me is the way we talk to each other as Christians, Pastors, and brothers 🙂 .

Think about this for a moment.  When is the last time you actually met a shepherd, saw a shepherd, or maybe even saw a sheep in real life?  Yet, us Christians talk about shepherding people, when we really mean caring for them, coaching them up, and developing them as people.  I just wonder why we don’t adjust both our methods and our vocabulary to 2008.

Sheep and shepherds just don’t make sense to people anymore.  They might know what we are referencing, but they don’t know what is involved in that career any more then they know what a botanist does when they go to work.  We ought to work to change the language that make us Christians sound stubborn and out of touch and start using words that relate to people.

Maybe Coach instead of Shepherd and instead of sheep we could use Tennessee fan?  Any others?

  1. alex mclean says:

    good call on use of vocabulary. although I’m sure there’s a reformist pastor rolling over in his “tomb” somewhere.

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