Race to Serve

Posted: June 7, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

Sometimes I find myself trying to to fend off feelings that I wish we were the only church that did outreach, marketing and invited people to church.  I find myself wishing that we were the only church that sent volunteers to special events or got people from our church to help make a difference in the community.  I get jealous when some other church gets to an opportunity to serve before we can.

When I try to understand why I feel that way there are only a couple reasons that I can come up with for my feelings.  One, that I am not kingdom minded and I only want to build up Oak Leaf Church.  Two, because of my strong belief that that we are the best church in town (which is probably untrue) I don’t think people should waste their time at some mediocre church when they could be coming and experience what God is doing at OLC.  The last reason is that I feel like other people are stealing our ideas to get people to come check out their churches.

Here is the bottom line as I think out loud.  I do think Oak Leaf is the best church in town, we were the first church to do good mailers, road signs, and serve regularly at community events.  I have only been around 3 summers and each summer more churches show up at these events, churches that have been around a lot longer then us (and some newer).  We don’t have a copyright on good ideas and we can’t reach 60,000 people by ourselves.  Every church at town should serve at every community event to the point where no event needs to ask for volunteers.

I know its a pipe dream and I know I am weird, but I hope that I can consistently keep lost souls on the forefront of my mind instead of the missed chances to get that guy, or that girl, or that family to come to Oak Leaf because they saw someone else’s sign first.

Until then invite some to the Leaf…I don’t think they will be disappointed.

  1. Tommy P says:

    Dude, What are you looking at?

  2. Tommy P says:

    … and the time on the site is 4 hours fast, it was actually 9:31 when I made the last post.

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