iPhone vs. my LG VX something…

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Random

Unless you are dead you have probably heard that Apple is releasing an iPhone for $200 that has significant upgrades over the last version. They are obviously pretty smart dudes to release the news the week before Father’s Day…I already asked for one. They also have somewhat taken over the cell phone market and only trail the Blackberry in shear numbers in pockets and purses.

For all of the hoopla and hype I must say that I am highly motivated to make a switch. Sure I can’t check my e-mail on my LG on a pretty big screen. I can’t figure out where I am at all times unless I download extra applications, and I can’t really impress anyone when I pull it out of my pocket. However, I can get reception just about anywhere, because I am on Verizon. I can send and receive picture messages directly on my phone. I can drop it just about as many times as I want and it keeps working. I can go swimming with it and in about a week it will work like new. I can also talk to my family and friends who all have Verizon and not waste minutes.

I will probably end up getting an iPhone…lots of peer pressure around this office, but like many other things in life…400 horsepower cars, sunglasses with wipers, and remotes for your car stereo the actual benefit isn’t all that its cracked up to be.

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